Monday, February 12, 2018

Bracket Predictions: 2/12/2018

1: Virginia, Villanova, Xavier, Purdue
2: Auburn, Kansas, Duke, Cincinnati
3: Clemson, Texas Tech, Michigan State, North Carolina
4: Tennessee, Ohio State, Arizona, Oklahoma
5: West Virginia, Texas AM, Gonzaga, Rhode Island
6: Florida, Wichita State, Arizona State, St. Mary's
7: Miami, Kentucky, Creighton, Alabama
8: Seton Hall, Missouri, Florida State, Nevada
9: TCU, Va Tech, Michigan, Texas
10: Butler, Arkansas, Providence, Houston
11: Louisville, Washington, Kansas State, UCLA, NC State, Syracuse
12: Middle Tenn, Loyola-Chicago, NM State, Vermont

Auto qualifiers in bold. 

Others considered: USC, LSU, St. Bonaventure, Baylor, OK State, Temple, Marquette, Boise State, Miss State, WKU.

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